Interview: Dr. Dominik Herzog, Germany

CLP has been accompanying colleagues from very different areas of the legal industry on their professional path to success for years. This third series of interviews will focus on the many ways in which lawyers from all over Europe are involved in and alongside their profession. And, of course, we have also asked you again about your very personal secret of success!

The CLP - interview series goes into the third round: After the expert round as well as the Legal Coaches it concerns now primarily special commitment in and beside the lawyer occupation. Some of them have already been honored for this commitment with prizes; in any case, all colleagues in this circle are very successful in what they do. This may be due to the rousing passion with which they are committed to their cause. Or their own personal recipe for success, which they reveal to us at the end of each session.

Dominik, may I ask you to briefly introduce yourself?

I was an in-house lawyer at ProSieben/Sat.1 for several years before I founded SYLVENSTEIN Rechtsanwälte, a law firm with a strong focus on digitalization. My own consulting focus is on commercial, labor and media law.

All in all, I am well employed, even outside the law firm!

I use my YouTube channels primarily to entertainingly motivate the next generation of lawyers (over 16,000 subscribers) and to provide them with legal tips.

#1 What does making music mean to you?

Making music is the ultimate relaxation - at the piano, with the ukulele or the violin. I'm fast in other worlds and forget briefs and ignorant judges fast!

#2 When did you first start writing songs and performing and why?

Since I was a teenager I have been composing every day and practicing many hours on the piano. This sharpened my harmony hearing and led to the fact that I was able to play all the songs of popular music (as far as I know) on the fly at an early age. This has already got many a wedding going.

#3 Why "Legal" songs?

The study had to be worked off. Seriously: For serious heart-pain-songs I cannot stay serious long enough. But it is easy for me to pack my everyday legal life into songs.

#4. Who is your audience and where can you be heard?

At the moment only on YouTube and Spotify: colleagues, newcomers, but also an unfamiliar audience that likes to be inspired. Maybe I'll be on a real stage again some day, if the law firm and Corona allow it.

#5 What do you see as the added value for lawyers in addition to their demanding profession to engage so passionately?

I think that this is the difference between pale and interchangeable legal clerks and real lawyers, whether they come from a large law firm or an individual firm. Those who have understood that you have to follow your inner voice (and listen to it in the first place) have a different charisma than those who do things they think they have to do because the outside world may expect it of them.

#6. Who supports you or with whom you prefer to work together?

I always like to be independent - when composing, producing and also as a lawyer.

#7. Your very personal tip for success:

Don't think about what others might think, just do it.

Thank you very much.

Look forward to further extraordinary personalities and be inspired! 

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