CLP Interviews #3

CLP has been accompanying colleagues from very different areas of the legal industry on their professional path to success for years. This third series of interviews will focus on the many ways in which lawyers from all over Europe are involved in and alongside their profession. And, of course, we have also asked you again about your very personal secret of success!

The CLP - interview series goes into its third round.

After the "Experts" as well as the "Legal Coaches" it goes now primarily around special commitment in and beside the lawyer occupation.

Some of them have already been honored for this commitment with prizes; in any case, all colleagues in this circle are very successful in what they do.

This may be due to the stirring passion with which they commit themselves to their cause. Or their own personal recipe for success, which they reveal to us at the end of each session.

In any case, we are happy to introduce these 12 extraordinary personalities to you and perhaps even to inspire you!

Dr. Nele Somers, Belgium

Dr. Dominik Herzog, Germany

Dr. Christina-Maria Leeb, Germany

Joanna Hardy, UK

Dr. Petra Arends-Paltzer, Switzerland

Dr. Wolgang Löhnert, Austria

Dr. Alix Frank-Thomasser, Austria

Anna Maria Göbel, Germany

Lina Krawietz, Germany

Christian Solmecke, LL.M., Germany

Anna Murk, Germany

Carmen Thornton, Germany

Read the interview series #1 and #2 here.



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