Interview: Dr. Christina-Maria Leeb, Germany

CLP has been accompanying colleagues from very different areas of the legal industry on their professional path to success for years. This third series of interviews will focus on the many ways in which lawyers from all over Europe are involved in and alongside their profession. And, of course, we have also asked you again about your very personal secret of success!

The CLP - interview series goes into the third round: After the expert round as well as the Legal Coaches it concerns now primarily special commitment in and beside the lawyer occupation. Some of them have already been honored for this commitment with prizes; in any case, all colleagues in this circle are very successful in what they do. This may be due to the rousing passion with which they are committed to their cause. Or their personal recipe for success, which they reveal to us in the end.

Dr. Leeb, may I ask you to briefly introduce yourself?

After completing my law studies, I worked as a research assistant at the Chair of Public Law, Security and Internet Law under Prof. Dr. Dirk Heckmann at the University of Passau from 2016 to 2018.

My dissertation was published in September 2019 by Duncker & Humblot Verlag under the title "Digitalization, Legal Technology and Innovation - The authoritative legal framework for and the demands on the lawyer in the information technology society". It deals primarily with the professional law aspects of Legal Tech. I have also published extensively on issues of IT, copyright, media and data protection law and have given numerous lectures.

In September 2018 I was awarded the title "Woman of Legal Tech 2018" by Hogan Lovells, BRYTER and the Legal Tech Blog. In June 2019, I was accepted into the talent program "Bayerns Frauen in Digitalberufen (BayFiD)" as one of 50 women in Bavaria by the Bavarian State Ministry of Digital Affairs. Currently, I am a research assistant in the IT, IP and media law practice group of HEUSSEN Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft in Munich. Since October 2019, I have also been a member of the team "Digitalization & Legal Tech" as Digital Business Development Analyst.

Starting in the winter semester 2020/2021, I will be teaching the newly created Master's program Legal Tech (LL.M.) at the University of Regensburg.

Privately I live in Passau and in my free time I enjoy doing sports activities such as bodyworkouts and running.

#1 What does it mean to you to be involved in Legal Tech?

Very much. I have been fascinated by this topic for quite some time and I am always discovering new facets. Especially in combination with the work that I do as a trainee in the law firm - especially in the area of IT-law - I like the variety. Legal Tech can also be very practical, but it also enables or even makes it necessary to deal with numerous (legal) theoretical questions. I always like to refer to this as the change from a frog's to a bird's eye view and back.

#2 When did you first deal with this and why?

It was in 2016, even before I started working on my dissertation. I was allowed to work in our law firm with a partner who had dealt with the scope of protection of the RDG in a Festschrift article, this in connection with a legal tech company.

#3 How do you choose your topics?

According to personal interest, but taking into account my own current positioning.

#4 Who is your audience and where else can you be seen?

Fortunately, this is quite different with lectures and podcasts: sometimes colleagues, sometimes interested members of the public and sometimes students. Furthermore, I am active on LinkedIn. Under the name "lawfluencerin" you can also find me on Twitter and Instagram. If you are interested in my previous publications and lectures, please visit my homepage.

#5 What do you see as the added value for lawyers in addition to their demanding profession (and education) to engage themselves so passionately?

In my opinion, the fundamental question here is whether I want to make my topics visible. For me personally, this brings with it not only great joy but also the fact that I was able to build up a large network over the years - also with the help of social networks - at an early stage. I see this as a great gift and love the international exchange with colleagues from very different areas.

#6 Who supports you in this process or with whom do you prefer to work together?

First and foremost, of course, HEUSSEN and the colleagues from my team there. Apart from that I work with a lot of different people and there are always new ones, it depends on the specific project. I find that very enriching.

#7 Your very personal tip for success:

Support others without always expecting something in return. Because: Support is not murder.

Thank you very much.

Look forward to further extraordinary personalities and be inspired! 

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