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CLP feat. Yaryna Oleshchuk: This Podcast is devoted to all the lawyers, judges, attorneys and all the people who are connected to law in that or other way. Yaryna Oleshchuk will interview Lawyers, who are actively working in different fields of law as well as those, who had courage to stop doing it and found their new passion. Each person is unique, each Episode is fascinating. The main Mission of this Podcast is to encourage others to find their own solutions and to reflect on they own experience.

Episode #3: Orest Zub

Orest is an Ukrainian blogger and traveler. He have already visited 129 contries. We made this short Interview together in January 2022. Now he is in Ukraine and makes everyday updates about the situation in the country.

Orest is a very inspiring man, who knows exactly what he wants from his life. This Episode is devoted mostly for all, who have they law career, but maybe think about changing it. These changes are not easy to make. How to start the new journey? How to be able to stay productive, especially in home-office?

I invite you to the selfreflection with this Interview. Questions for your own selfreflection you will find below!

Here are Links to Orest Social Media. 

If you’d like to help Ukraine in general or Orest team directly just follow the link where you’ll find a few recommended options: openmind.com.ua/support/

Here are some questions for your own selfreflection:

1. What is one action that helps you to consentrate yourself when it is necessary?

2. What helps you to stay in balance?

3. Would you like to change something in your life? What would you like to change in your life? What has to be done for that? What will you do already today to reach this goal?

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