The book "Strategic Law Firm Deleveopment" on the road to success!

The book "Strategic Law Firm Deleveopment" will be published 2021 in second edition!

When the book "Kanzleigründung und Kanzleimanagement" (De Gruyter 2018) by Dr. Geertje Tutschka was welcomed and celebrated at the German Lawyers' Day 2018 in Mannheim on June 7, 2018 with a book launch champagne reception by the legal profession, the publishing team of DeGruyter and the many supporters and companions, it was not the first book on the subject, but the first one that tried to present this complex topic in a structured way.

Until then, there were either specialist books on specific areas of the topic or books with compilations of personal experience reports by managing partners of large law firms on the market.

The legal profession as a bunch of strong individualists has managed over the last hundred years to retain a great deal of individual freedom as a liberal profession in both Germany and Austria - which is naturally also reflected in their business, the law firms.

So there is no "blueprint" for a successful law firm; however, there are some important entrepreneurial aspects that every lawyer who wants to make his law firm economically and his working life meaningful should know. And aspects that might be missed by management consultants who are not lawyers - because it is often difficult to convey to those outside the industry that the legal sector and its business simply tick differently.

DeGruyter continues the successful cooperation with the author Dr. Geertje Tutschka, herself a lawyer in various countries for 25 years and a law firm consultant at CLP - Consulting for Legal Profesionals for 10 years, and will not only update the "Standard work on the development of law firms" with the 2nd edition in 2021, but also add additional topics.

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