Pearl of Wisdom: No April Fool´s Day!

The first 2.5 weeks of the Corona Shutdown in Germany and Austria are behind us: Between "Friday, 13th" and "1st April", more restrictions and measures have changed our professional and private lives than ever before. Shock news and fake news have accompanied us every day since then, as has the challenge to appear as normal as possible in an abnormal situation. This year nobody really needs April fooling around.

But maybe the "Pearls of Wisdom" of these extraordinary first days and weeks - what are yours?

From paradigm to paradox - this is how a small virus turns our world upside down:

  1.     Life is finite; statistics are not.
  2.     Self-care is the best charity
  3.     Democracy does not save lives. Governing already
  4.     Home and family count more than faith and religion
  5.     sometimes something life-threatening is vital: social contacts
  6.     for home schooling and home office you don't have to be a system denier
  7.     the shutdown and the crisis are the best personality and leadership assessments
  8.     casual is the new formal: in sweatpants we have regained control over our lives
  9.     Being really angry or really bored is always better than being busy trying to get the 10 best crisis tips from the everyday guru
  10.     Restricting travel does not make us into backwoods; abandoning consumption does not make us into eco
  11.     Goods of daily use are neither cars, nor laptops or mobile phones - system-relevant services are neither hairdressers, brothels nor public transport
  12.     What the toilet paper is for the German is the yeast to the Austrian
  13.     Localization is the trump card of nationalists; globalization a luxury topic for cosmopolitans
  14.     Offline is the new online when both are unlimited and freely accessible: Housework, walks, sports, board games, puzzles and books replace freedom in social media
  15.     No-Goes are the new Nice-to-have: garlic and onions from breakfast instead of bra and tie until dinner
  16.     Online coffee times and after-work beers are cool; corona parties and kitchen meetings are out
  17.     new game new luck: online, the big players play in the same league as the little ones
  18.     outside the comfort zone is the new "inside" of the

Life is beautiful - no one never said it will be easy...

What are your Pearls of Wisdom?



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