Legal Coaching - Where and how do legal coaches work around the world? #2

Legal coaching is a special form of support in questions from all areas of life; a combination of profound legal expertise, life and professional experience as well as professional coaching training - a perfectly tailored, individual and very personal consulting service.

But where and how do legal coaches work all over the world?

After our first article, we will introduce you to some more:

1. Legal Coach, Netherlands

Lawyer RĂĽna Honig from Utrecht, a specialist in labour law and longstanding partner at CMS, was the first legal coach in the Netherlands to found Honig Coaching B.V. 17 years ago, a coaching and consultancy agency specialising in the legal sector. Today Honig Coaching B.V. also offers coaching training and coaching programmes for lawyers and law firms.

2. Legal Coach, Australia

Attorney Lucy Dickens, Senior Partner at Birman & Ride in Perth, specialized after 10 years in the profession primarily as Managing Partner in the area of "Law Firm Development and Client-Centric Solutions". She discovered coaching and started a few years ago with the podcasts "The Juggle" and "Doing Law Differently" and accompanies colleagues as a business coach in difficult challenges.

3. Legal Coach, USA

Edward Poll, a lawyer and business coach in Los Angeles, has been consulting with LawBiz colleagues for over 30 years on the development of law firms and careers. He is the author of several books on the subject and specializes in acquisition and sales.

4. Legal Coach, Canada

One year ago, young lawyer Adrianna Banaszek positioned her family law firm in Calgary as modern and particularly family-friendly from the outset. The special service Legal Coaching complemented the classic family law portfolio holistically from the very beginning. In addition to pure legal advice, clients receive a reflected view of the different interests in the family system and are thus able to shape the new phase of their lives in a self-determined and strategic way.

5. Legal Counsel Service: Legal Coaching, USA

Attorney John Skiba from Arizona offers legal coaching for clients who are looking for legal advice, but who neither necessarily want to enforce their claim through the courts nor do they necessarily want to be represented in court. The clients are thus put in a position to decide at any time when and which cost-incurring steps are to be taken. The Legal Coach works out with them both the strategic procedure and the individual process steps as well as certain declarations, agreements etc.

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