Law firm development and law firm management: The right set-up for your law firm

Business Coaching for law firms on strategy, mission statement and law firm division: Our webinar classic at the Law Firm Academy

It is not easy to critically question one's own law firm and its development; to focus on it in the stressful everyday work and to work not in but on the law firm is rare.

A good law firm strategy, a sustainable law firm mission statement and the law firm division can effectively serve as a beacon for your strategic development.

The pressure and the desire to work more efficiently has now also reached law firms. In order to be able to continue to be successful in law firm management under this pressure from three directions - clients, employees/colleagues and modern technology - additional competences in the areas of time and stress management, communication and (legal) project management are required.

This webinar provides practical tools and basic knowledge to make the topic of law firm development a pleasurable and enduring topic for you and your employees.

The webinar on "Law Firm Development and Legal Project Management (LPM)" was produced for the Law firm Academy 2019 and is available there.

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