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CLP and the CLP-Academy stop all face-to-face appointments until the end of April 2020. Because we love lawyers.

As the leading consultancy for lawyers and law firms based in Austria and Germany and with many clients in other European and international countries, we know that right now our clients have more important issues at hand. It is about making decisions and weighing "money against life".

Austria has already taken drastic (and correct) measures regarding employers, organisers and hotels. Germany is lagging behind. At CLP we care about our employees, customers and partners. That's why we voluntarily follow the strictest standards and renounce all live dates on location until the end of April for open events. Booked individual trainings, consultations and coaching sessions will be carried out at a later date or online after consultation with the customer.

The CLP Academy will suspend the current training until further notice. The registration deadline for the next training course is extended to 15.04.2020.

We are still online and more than ever with coachings/trainings/presentations/consultations, webinars, articles and comments at your place. Valuable tips and insights into the situation of our clients can be found in our blog post on #corona. Stay save.

CLP - Because we love lawyers.



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