German-Austrian professional Network for Lawyers

Dr. Geertje Tutschka of CLP becomes president of DAV Austria.

Dr. Tutschka, who has been a German lawyer for 25 years and a European lawyer in Austria for almost 10 years, was elected president of the professional association for German-Austrian lawyers, the DAV Austria. In addition to her large professional network of 10 years of law firm consulting with CLP-Consulting for Legal Professionals with offices in Salzburg and Munich, she brings her many years of leadership experience as President of the Professional Association for Coaches (ICF Germany) to the table.

The German Bar Association (DAV) is the largest professional association of the legal profession with offices in Berlin and Brussels. More than 62,000 members and thus every third German-speaking lawyer are organized in the 253 local associations, 12 of which are members of the DAV as so-called foreign associations. In addition to Italy, the Netherlands, France, Greece, the Czech Republic and others, the DAV Auslandverein Österreich is one of them, thus networking not only the Austrian lawyers with their German colleagues, but also with the professionals of the foreign associations.

The DAV Austria promotes above all the professional exchange of lawyers in Germany and Austria - especially on the current topics of digitalization (legal technology) as well as Covid-19 and the refugee issue. Furthermore, it initiates cross-border projects and initiatives and enables a special field - specific networking of German and Austrian lawyers via the search mask of the website www.DAV-Oesterreich.at.

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