Fuck Female Empowerment - no comment!?

Celine is absolutely right: "Anyone who wants to promote women today with such programmes discriminates against them!"

That's what I've been telling those responsible in large law firms for years when they ask me which programs they can use to keep their female associates and don't want to lose them again and again on the way to partnership.

Instead, I work with approaches from the change process, with changes in culture and values, with "Unconscious Bias". That helps.

So are my articles on the subject, such as "Justizia - we do have a problem - a female attorney problem" or "There is no such thing like Femal Leadership". -

In this sense: GO!

And thumbs up!

Oh yes: and I don't want to be called in German lawyer IN, trainerIN, consultantIN or a PhIN. My training and qualifications are no different from those of my male colleagues - and should therefore not be "derived" from their job title: Therefore I am happy to be a lawyer, coach and trainer in the german language - and in english anyway!

Here is Celine´s article



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