Legal Coaching @ International CoachingWeek

International Coaching Week, May 17-23, 2021, will feature events around the world focused on coaching. The CLP Academy Legal Coach Training Program will be presented on Thursday and Friday.

Legal Coaching as a modern intervention in the legal consulting mandate combines the best of two worlds, legal consulting and business coaching, by adding highly effective communication techniques to the legal expertise. Legal coaching is the integration of professional techniques from business coaching into legal work. This can be done selectively as needed as part of the consulting or negotiation mandate, but will usually be done through a self-contained coaching process in one mandate.

Similar to mediation, the client chooses whether, how and when coaching should be included in the mandate or should be used in addition. As a specialized form, legal coaching is always applied to a legally relevant decision-making process and, unlike coaching and, incidentally, mediation, cannot be used by non-lawyers.

At the same time, the legal expertise in Legal Coaching can address the client's concerns in a much more individual way than in mere consulting. It was developed primarily for more effective client communication, but also strengthens the client relationship in the long term and leads directly to greater client satisfaction. In addition, coaching provides the legal coach himself with more reflection and an increase in communication and leadership skills. This benefits not only the legal coach but also his employees.

In this webinar, participants will gain an insight into the method and application of legal coaching.


Donnerstag, 20.05.2021at 6 pm (english)

Freitag, 21.05.2021 um 8 Uhr (deutsch)



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