The Power of Gratitude


Thanksgiving, the highest holiday in the USA, is celebrated this weekend. Since Wednesday noon, the offices and schools have been shot down. Everyone is on their way home. Because Thanksgiving and the whole long weekend is dedicated to family and friends.

Thanksgiving should not be confused with christian "Erntedankfest". Thanksgiving is a thanks-giving to the people who live and laugh with us, to life itself (celebrating the successful journey of the pilgrims) - not to a higher power or religious need.

Isn't that a wonderful thought? To dedicate the highest holiday of the year to oneself and one's loved ones; to focus on friendship and family for four days.

When was the last time you thanked? When was the last time you were grateful? 

When did you actually show or say it?

To your family, your children, your partner, your parents? Your neighbour? Your postman or baker? Your animal companion?

Or your colleagues, your employees, who support you in your successes. Your assistant , who has kept your back free or to your boss, who perhaps even encouraged you to finally have the difficult conversation that you have been putting off for so long.

When did you thank those who gave your life, your career a decisive impulse?

Sometimes just a little attention is enough. 

But sometimes it also has to be a very clear THANK YOU.

Don't forget to perceive the people around you in everyday hustle, in the "Hamster Wheel". Be attentive. Take your time for them.

Because to take time for these people to thank them means to be mindful, at least to take time for yourself. When you thank them, you show your appreciation for the support you have received. And you will receive even more support. When you say thank you, you show your appreciation for the person. You strengthen loyalty, solidarity and trust.

Two steps to more success: Not just because it´s Thanksgiving - try this:

1.Take a moment to think about who you want to thank spontaneously.

2. do it: thank at least two people from your professional or private environment, clearly and sincerely. With a few suitable words. With a clear "thank you".

And the magic begins...

In this sense - I would like to thank my team and my customers, partners and supporters today!

All the best - Dr. Geertje Tutschka, PCC