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CLP feat. Yaryna Oleshchuk: This Podcast is devoted to all the lawyers, judges, attorneys and all the people who are connected to law in that or other way. Yaryna Oleshchuk will interview Lawyers, who are actively working in different fields of law as well as those, who had courage to stop doing it and found their new passion. Each person is unique, each Episode is fascinating. The main Mission of this Podcast is to encourage others to find their own solutions and to reflect on they own experience.

Episode #4: Mat Jakubowski

Mat Jakubowski is a Master of Laws,  Legal Technologist, Head of legal Operations at Focus Law Firm.

In this Interview we are talking about Legal Tech. What do you understand under the definition of Legal Tech? There are many misconceptions about it. What they are and what can be done in order to solve them? Have you ever think that Legal Tech is something difficult? Well, I definetely did. But after this Interview I do not think that anymore!

Mat ist also aimed to change something in legal industry. He is doing it in a very creative way. Do you want to find out how? Listen the next Episode of Awesome Lawyers and meet one more awesome colleague.

About all that and much more in only a little bit longer than 30 Minutes. Enjoy and reflect on your own expirience!

Here are the links how can you find Mat:

LinkendIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mat-jakubowski/

TikTok: @matjakubowski

Here are some questions for your own self reflection:

1. Have you ever experienced any difficulties with Legal Tech? What helped you to solve this difficulties?

2. What other difficulties do you experience in your work on daily basis or at least from time to time? Do you know someone who made the same way that you are doing now? How did he/she managed it?

P.s. If you do not know - ask!

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