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CLP feat. Yaryna Oleshchuk: This Podcast is devoted to all the lawyers, judges, attorneys and all the people who are connected to law in that or other way. Yaryna Oleshchuk will interview Lawyers, who are actively working in different fields of law as well as those, who had courage to stop doing it and found their new passion. Each person is unique, each Episode is fascinating. The main Mission of this Podcast is to encourage others to find their own solutions and to reflect on they own experience.

Episode #6: Iryna Shafir

(This Interview is in German)

Iryna Shafir is a German lawyer, Founder of Shafir Legal Consulting and Shafir Legal Marketing GmbH. At the beginning of last year she made a decision to become selfemployed and made her Marketing via LinkendIn. Without investing even a Cent she managed to generate almost 15.000 Followers, found more then 100 Clints and build a successful Firm. Recently she opened another Entity – Legal Marketing GmbH.

Here are the main points of our conversation:

  • Have you ever thought about  being selfemployed? What can help you to make this Step?
  • How to use LinkedIn in the successful development of your career or business?
  • What do you need to know about LinkedIn Algorithms?

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Here are some quastions for your own self reflection:

1. Reflect on your career. Which of your actions attracted the most of your clients?

2. If you could take 10% more responsibility over attracting your clients, what would you do?

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