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CLP feat. Yaryna Oleshchuk: This Podcast is devoted to all the lawyers, judges, attorneys and all the people who are connected to law in that or other way. Yaryna Oleshchuk will interview Lawyers, who are actively working in different fields of law as well as those, who had courage to stop doing it and found their new passion. Each person is unique, each Episode is fascinating. The main Mission of this Podcast is to encourage others to find their own solutions and to reflect on they own experience.


Episode #7: Caroline Bitter-Suermann

Caroline Bitter-Suermann is a German Lawyer, Coach for Woman, Mediator and stress management consultant. She has international working experience and her passion are shipping and transportation law. At some point of her career she knew she want to be more and be able to do more and found coaching for herself. She combines both her passions - Law and Coaching in her daily praxis.

In this interview we are talking about:

  1. Shipping law. What are the main 3 reasons for someone to choose this field of law;
  2. Clarity in life.
  3. Woman role in legal profession.

Here are some questions for your own self reflection:

  1. What is the most fascinating for you in your profession?
  2. Do you still remember why did you choose to do what you are doing?
  3. Are you still so passionated about your work as you were at the beginning of your career? If not, what could help you to change it?

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