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CLP feat. Yaryna Oleshchuk: This Podcast is devoted to all the lawyers, judges, attorneys and all the people who are connected to law in that or other way. Yaryna Oleshchuk will interview Lawyers, who are actively working in different fields of law as well as those, who had courage to stop doing it and found their new passion. Each person is unique, each Episode is fascinating. The main Mission of this Podcast is to encourage others to find their own solutions and to reflect on they own experience.

Episode #8: Anne Ruppert

Anne Ruppert is a systemic and executive coach, supervisor, lawyer and author. Anna started her career as a lawyer. Since 2013 she is strengthening people and organizations with recognized methodology from systemic coaching and supervision. What is special about her work is that she works with people in the wood. Anne is very inspiring person, with interesting and fullfield life.

We invite you to reflect on your life with the following topics from our conversation:

  1. what is burn-out?
  2. what are the main symptoms you need to be aware of?
  3. what are the main steps you can make on everyday basis in order to prevent burn-out.

If you want to connect with Anne, please follow:

LinkendIn: www.linkedin.com/in/coach-anne-ruppert/

Website: meinding-coaching.de

Here are some questions for your own selfreflection:

  1. What attitude do you have to your work? Do you still like it?What feelings do you have when it is time to go to work?
  2. Do you recharge? How and how often?
  3. Do you feel recharged after the weekend? If primarely not, please reflect on your life more deeply
  4. What give you a feeling of joy in your life?
  5. If you needed to make only one step towards healthy and happy life already today - what would it be?

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